system100m diy?

Harry Bissell harrybissell at
Tue Nov 16 08:32:37 CET 1999

Well... you could try my LM399 / MAT02 hybrid... I use the LM399 heater
(without the thermal shield removed) epoxied to the top of the MAT02. Then wrap
up in styrofoam to insulate.

Takes about 200mA peak from a cold start, but drops to about 20mA when warm

Will not compensate for junction self heating, but lets you use a quality
I tested this with a dumbass TO5 type just to prove the concept. If anyone
wants I'll repost the temperature test graphs...


Paul Maddox wrote:

> Corneel,
>   Your biggest problem will come with the VCO's, they use
> the UA726 heated transistor pair, which are no longer made
> and where you see them for sale they cost a fortune..
>   Paul
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> Hi,
> I am new to the list, and new to synth-building. Fed up with my not so
> analogue sounding syths as the jx8p and the obmx, I decided I wanted to
> build my own.
> I started with building the filter and tb3030 from Tony Allgood. Very nice,
> that's more like it!
> Now I got hold of the service manual for the Roland system100m, and I was
> thinking of building it.
> Does anyone have any suggestions about it, or tips, or maybe alternatives?
> One problem are some parts. For instance the BA662 A and B are used a lot.
> Tony subsribes a BA6110 from Rohm. Is it a good replacement for the 662,
> also in the filter?
> Thanks a lot,
> Corneel.

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