VCO4d lives !

tomg efm3 at
Tue Nov 16 05:11:23 CET 1999

>Just got 2 VCO 4d up and running,

<Mods Snipped>

Nice set of Mods Harry!

>Hats off to TomG for a great board.  Nice sound and easy to get running.

You're welcome.

>Looking forward to more EFM boards...

As luck would have it EFM is bustin' out!...;-) I think I have mouseatosis!!

>(Hey TOM. How about adding a couple of extra pads on the positive and
>negative rails and esp. ground.  It would be convevient for hookup on
>the bench. I hate scraping off the nice solder mask (but I will do it

OK......more supply pads.....


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