CAM Orders

tomg efm3 at
Tue Nov 16 04:49:46 CET 1999

Corrections? I guess I was in a hurry?


Thats "ADSR/LFO"...

>VCF 8e - Dual MS20 VCF
>VCA 5b - Final VCA and 6X mixer
>LFO 5a - VC-LFO
>VCO 7D - Dual Saw/Tri VCO w/heater

Thats "Dual Saw/Square-Pulse VCO"...

>WAV 1B - Dual Wave shaper w/SubOct
>VCA 6B - Dual VCA w/xfade 
>VCF 1e - 1P HP/LP - 2P HP/BP/LP VCF
>RMP 1B - Ring Modulator/Preamp
>KBD 2e - Keyboard interface/modulator
>DEG 2a - Simple dual ARSD envelope generator

And thats "dual ADSR"...What is it with ADSR anyway??

>VCF 6b - 4P Diode Ladder


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