Conductive pen?

Buck Buchanan voltagecontrolled at
Tue Nov 16 04:23:49 CET 1999

Jesus Navarro wrote:
> hi.  anybody try making a complete circuit board with a conductive pen?  it
> seems like it would be easier to hand draw a board than to etch one out (for
> me at least)

Hi Jesus,

If you're referring to the Circuit Works conductive pen, don't bother. 
Regardless of what it says on the package, you can't solder on it.  Turn
your iron all the way down and it still vaporized when you hit it with
solder.  It dries with the consistency of Liquid Paper (white-out, etc)
and it is hard to really "draw" with it.  I thought I had the brilliant
idea of using it to connect the pads on pad-per-hole proto-type boards -
brilliant waste of $12.00 it was.

What I can say for the stuff is that it indeed is conductive and you
*could* repair a circuit board with it (but why not just use a jumper
wire and not worry about the paint flaking off?).  The only legitmate
use I found for it was repairing the conductive traces on those flexible
wiring harness things (CD optics cables) and touch pads traces on key
pad assemblies. 

Sorry to be negative but I don't think you'll be happy with a board made
from this stuff.


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