Grant Richter grichter at
Mon Nov 15 23:26:01 CET 1999

I was playing around on the Internic Whois page and
was surprised to find was not
registered as a domain name.

Since I already have the domain, my
ISP ( allows me to add a
second domain name for only $50 per year total.
So I registered the domain
name without any real plan as to what to do with it.

I think a content oriented site with actual information
would be cool. Perhaps off-loading some pages from
crowded sites? Banner ads for Blacet and Wiard?
A tutorial on synthesis in general? Some small return
to help maintain it is a good idea but I don't see trying
to fully commercialize it. Synthzone and Harmony Central have
pretty well locked up that niche - unfortunately the sites
lack hard technical content and are more mega-link sites.

Anyone with suggestions or wishing to use the site
should contact me privately.

Thank you,

Grant Richter

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