Ring modulators

Grant Richter grichter at execpc.com
Mon Nov 15 20:40:02 CET 1999

You need a constant current source of about
100 micro (u) amps. The Burr-Brown REF200
is a good chip for this. With the diode under the
same current and at the same temperature (handle
diodes with pliers, don't touch them with your hand)
find diodes with the forward voltage drop within 2 millivolts
of each other. Like 610 mv and 612 mv.

> From: Blandon Ray <arp2813 at home.com>
> To: synth-diy at mailhost.bpa.nl
> Subject: Re: Ring modulators
> Date: Monday, November 15, 1999 10:26 AM
> Paul Perry wrote:
> > >  You can find this on the synthfool website (www.synthfool.com)
> > >its a REAL ring modulator, so called because of the ring of diodes.
> > >  never built one,
> >
> > Anyone who has will say:
> > matching, matching, matching of the diodes unless you want more
> > carrier bleed than ring modulation.
> here's a stupid question: how does one go about matching diodes? I
> looked for the answer when I tried to build the diode-ladder filter
> (which never did work quite right)
> blandon

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