Ring modulators

Jim Patchell patchell at teletrac.com
Mon Nov 15 19:50:55 CET 1999

    My guess would be you would apply a constant current through the
diode, say at 1 ma, 0.1ma and 0.01ma and measure the voltage across the
diode.  The big problem I see is that this voltage is very temperature
dependent.  If I was doing it, I would make a setup that had a bunch of
diodes in it so that they could all be measured at the same time.

    Another thing you might try is attempting to find arrays of monolithic
diodes.  These would probably be matched pretty good.  Another alternative
is to use a CA3046.  You can get at least 4 diode connected transistors,
maybe 5 depending on what you need.


Blandon Ray wrote:

> Paul Perry wrote:
> here's a stupid question: how does one go about matching diodes? I
> looked for the answer when I tried to build the diode-ladder filter
> (which never did work quite right)
> blandon

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