percussion ribbon controller

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You can deal with low resistance by using a bridge connection and a differential (instrumentation) amplifier. Strain Gauge and RTD people do this all the time... but it is a lot of circuit....

:^) Harry 

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>  << BUT if you asked for "resistance wire" look for NiChrome 
> (Nickel-Chromium) 
>  used in
>   electric heating apps. It has the ohms per foot type response you are 
>  looking for.
>   :^) Harry  (who will try this on monday... great idea !!!)
>    >>
>  Correction: I had thought an electric guitar string had virtually no 
> resistance, but I just measured the thinnest unwound guitar wire I have, high 
> "E", and it has 3 ohms 
>  end-to-end. Still, I suspect it may be difficult to work with wire having a 
> resistance that low. I guess the ideal would be 3-5K for the resistive part 
> if your going to use this "ribbon" in place of the keyboard+resistor chain on 
> a classic analog monosynth. With a lot more (50K+ or so) resistance I get 
> glide between pitches as an unwanted  side effect. Thats what happened when I 
> tried to use videotape.  But, use too little resistance and it becomes 
> impossible to scale anything.

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