New member and DIY DSP Synth [slightly OT]

Antti Huovilainen ajhuovil at
Mon Nov 15 07:44:22 CET 1999

On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, Brahim HAMADI CHAREF wrote:

> Please share your ideas and dreams on this "DIY DSP synth". I think the
> best way, if some of you really want to get things started, is to put
> some sort of project proposal. I would like to see specifications.
> Then what tools we need, what has to be done will follow. Let's dream...

This sounds like a good place to plug my softsynth with source <grin> :)
LGPL license (= you get the source), 3 oscillators + 3 volume adsr
envelopes + 2/4 pole lp/hp resonant filter with adsr for cutoff +
2 lfos+1 extra envelope. And you get the source.


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