percussion ribbon controller

Grant Richter grichter at
Mon Nov 15 07:19:41 CET 1999

You mean build it backwards (upside down)
if you can get nichrome wire with resistance,
you could put the voltage across the wire and
use a piece of unetched PC board as the "wiper".
That way, when there is no connection, you are
touching the low impedance voltage source rather
that the high impedance pickup.

Then you would have a metal to metal contact.
If they were both gold plated that would reduce
contact problems. A fairly high current constant
current supply would provide a voltage across the
wire, I wonder about heating.

If you used a piece of double sided PC material
and put a strip of that compressible conductive
black foam underneath, you could get a voltage
out proportional to pressure. Take the derivative
to get velocity.

Maybe a peizo disk could be used to sense string
tension or as a percussive trigger?

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