DR Who. and water lue!

Magnus Danielson cfmd at swipnet.se
Mon Nov 15 01:54:00 CET 1999

From: "Bjarne Nillson" <bnillson at hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: DR Who. and water lue!
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 14:03:51 PST


> Eventually, the producer forced the actors to
> put their heads in the water closset and the michophone
> in tho a rubber condom (to protect the precious Neumahn mic's
> from the brown subbs floating around) and  at the same time the
> coridinator flushed the toilet, there we have the four quadrant
> modulation effect that finaley ended up to be the dalec voice!!
> BJ(who always wwashes his feet in the water closet) Urk!!!!!

Music really belongs in the bathroom as anyone knows... its becoming high time
to build my shower karaoke to sell to anyone singing in the shower. The
obvious side effect is that the singer becomes somewhat less smelly, something
which we all may benefit from.

The benefit of singing into the loo is that you have a short distance to move
when you trow up as a result of your obvious rock and roll life style.

Better have a Waterloo than have to Dig-a-loo ;)


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