Purpose of this list? Was External Soundcard help

lfutten at readysoft.es lfutten at readysoft.es
Mon Nov 15 00:36:17 CET 1999

> well..... there are newsgroups devoted to computer hacking at a
> physical level. I dont have any objections to the topic under
> question being on this list, but I dont know anythig abt the
> subject. It *would* appeal to the guys at Circuit Cellar Ink
> magazine!

Where's their URL??????? :)

> On a soundcard hacking note, I'd like to know of any pointers to
> information on how to use cheap soundcards with NO computer at all,
> eg with a pic based standalone interface with knobs. Gotta beat
> theSidstation! <g>

Well, you can laugh at me, but if my proyect goes fine, it could be 
very easy to use the soundcard without a computer.
Imagine, the soundcard can have an independent power supply (not PS/2 
nor anything, but a proper and genuine power supply). 
So, what you need to make your wishes come true?????
Well, as simply as to plug some headphones, amplified monitors or 
amplifier to the line - out, and you got it.
You'll only need a midi-controller to play the internal soundcard 
synth. Just think about the possibilites.

You said sidstation? That thingy from scandinavia who works with a 
VERY old  8bit  stuff,  far worse than an Atari??????? <g>

Have fun.

Luz Futten

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