Purpose of this list? Was External Soundcard help

Bjarne Nillson bnillson at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 14 22:57:41 CET 1999

Funny you said this,I have thinking in those terms too now
for a while!!! Lately i was invited to vissit the founders
of Elektron ESI thru a mutural friend, and i went over,
very nice people, and they have a new wery interesting
DSP based synt in their sleews.

Also there are a "special edition" of the SID station
coming soon,50 to 100 units.Black in collor with silver aluminium collor of 
the text,wey nice looking i can say, and eventually i was asked if i can do 
the special editions analogue part, mostly
an design uppgrade to the noisy behavior of the sidstation!

We shall see what the supreme beeing can do!!!


>On a soundcard hacking note, I'd like to know of any pointers to
>information on how to use cheap soundcards with NO computer at all,
>eg with a pic based standalone interface with knobs.
>Gotta beat theSidstation! <g>
>paul perry (Frostwave P/l) Melbourne Australia

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