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Mon Nov 8 06:05:47 CET 1999

> Anders & Larry,
> I have "The Elecronic Drum Cookbook" and really like it.  Tom goes over
> the little building blocks he's designed for simulating the various parts
> a drum sound (snares, stick strike, shell resonance, etc.).  At the end he
> puts it all together to make a snare voice (I think) which looks a lot
> the ADV-Snare.  The only "special purpose" IC he uses is the fairly common
> LM566 (oscillator).  I haven't had any time to play with the circuits, but
> am looking forward to some experimenting some day...
> Larry, what did you think of the NE570 book?  I was thinking about getting
> it too since I have a few of these things in my parts bin.
> Doug
> p.s.  John Simonton has a little circuit snippet on the Paia web page
> showing how to add VC to the twin-T filter commonly used in drum circuits.

Hey this book sounds very interesting!!! Can you tell me the ISBN-number??

thanx in advance

R at F

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