Purpose of this list? Was External Soundcard help

Paul Perry pfperry at melbpc.org.au
Sun Nov 14 21:19:29 CET 1999

>Anyway, please, notice that I'm asking the purpose of this list, 
>cause no one answered about circuits, cables or so, which was my 
>intentions to receive.
well..... there are newsgroups devoted to computer hacking at a physical 
I dont have any objections to the topic under question being on this 
list, but I dont know anythig abt the subject.
It *would* appeal to the guys at Circuit Cellar Ink magazine!

On a soundcard hacking note, I'd like to know of any pointers to 
information on how to use cheap soundcards with NO computer at all,
eg with a pic based standalone interface with knobs.
Gotta beat theSidstation! <g>

paul perry (Frostwave P/l) Melbourne Australia

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