Purpose of this list? Was External Soundcard help

lfutten at readysoft.es lfutten at readysoft.es
Sun Nov 14 19:22:43 CET 1999

Hey, thanks for some people messages related to an external soundcard 
help I did the other day.
Anyway, please, notice that I'm asking the purpose of this list, 
cause no one answered about circuits, cables or so, which was my 
intentions to receive.

When I subscribed to this list long ago, the purpose of this list was 
to talk / exchange , etc info on how to fix, build, synths and music 
computer hardware, or at least that was the idea I had of it. Am I 
wrong? Or is there another main purpose of synth-Do_it-yourself?

Everybody answered to my External Soundcard email message with 
completely out of  topic things, such as to tell me how to throw away 
the portable I'm seeking info on , and alike messages.

I only need to know if someone really into electronics and computer 
science or whatever can tell me how can I make an internal soundcard 
become an external device.

First of all, the intro, so I can make you all understand my very 
mabitious plans ;) :
The ISA or PCI part from the soundcard has some 
ends from where the soundcard takes the power it needs, as well as it 
gets information from the motherboard bus.
OK, with that in mind I need to know which pins goes to the bus, so I 
can connect 'em to any plug (let say a serial or print port), and 
which are the pins I can connect to a power supply (soundcards gets 
power from the motherboard) by using a 5v transformer or a keyboard 
PS/2 cable.

I know this sounds a bit extra-terrestrial to many people, but 
believe me, you can have a cable that takes the 5v power supply 
needed from your keyboard, while you can still use the keyboard as 
well. I'm not inventing it, cause I have the prove of a spanish modem 
that came bundled  with this type of ps/2 cable supply.
It is not strange, thinking that, for example those of you having an 
Evolution music keyboard, let say the MK-149, takes the power from 
the midi port of the soundcard, instead of providing a power supply.

To those who answered about win9x, linux, usb and such, just to 
inform  you that I've appreciatte your efforts, but  I have a very 
old portable that I'm not going to throw it away thru' the window, so 
please, don't tell me to do so! Thanks. 
Also, I'm not going to buy a super-expensive Vaio or Compaq or 
whatever, I've already have other non-portable computers where I've 
managed to make everything work. You know fact is that I have what I 
have, and what I have is a horrible portable with nothing but a 
540Mb HD, a floppy, COM port, LPT port, 2 PS/2, MSDOS 6.22 and 
Windows 3.11 for Workgroups software.

I've already heard about the Amigans (Amiga platform computer users) 
used and built such devices, cause I've already had an A500+ with a 
MIDI  external  thingy I've sold some ago.

Does anyone know something about all this? Or at least forward me to  
a good resource from where I can get information  on how to 
accomplish this task?

Thanks all in advance. Hope this message was more understandable, 
sometimes my english is pure rubbish.
Have fun.
I'll wait for your input :)

Luz Futten

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