opamp rescaling/variable saw-tri-ramp lfo

Paul Perry pfperry at melbpc.org.au
Sun Nov 14 13:09:19 CET 1999

At 01:36 PM 13/11/99 -0500, "Rob" <cyborg_0 at iquest wrote:

>Im actually considering using the old 7400 nand gate type oscillator as a
>pwm square wave output source then feeding that into an integrator to get
>what was discussed earlier as far as a variable saw-tri-ramp output so I can
>save components and panel space.
>The variable slope integrator idea was a godsend. Good that you all
>discussed it! ;)

If you try to make a variable slope triangle by integrating a variable duty
rectangle wave, you won't get a constant amplitude.

paul 'spoilsport' perry Melbourne Australia

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