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Paul Schreiber synth1 at
Sun Nov 14 06:49:42 CET 1999

Following books are in great shape.

"Musician's Guide to Home Recording" by Peter McIan. 300+ pages for
recording just about everything, with great mixer setup diagrams showing
proper EQ, etc. $13

"The Complete Electronic Percussion Book" by David Crombie. 80 pages. Covers
early drum machines, setups, etc $9

"Studio Recording for Musicians" by Fred Miller. 88pgs. A quick reference
guide, not
as comprehensive as the McIan book. 1981, somewhat dated. $5

The MIDI Home Studio" by Howard Massey. 75+ pages. Beginner's guide to
MIDI devices. $5

"The MIDI Implementation Book" by Steve DeFuria. Somewhat rare book showing
MIDI implementation
charts from everything from Accordians (?!) to Synclaviers. 9.95/10
condition (one small rear cover fold).
1986, so covers all of the first MIDI synths/effects like Siel, Hohner, JL
Cooper, etc. along with Roland, etc.

Shipping is $4 per order US, $8/foreign. Can use credit card form at

or if you want to use MO email for details.

Paul Schreiber
Synthesis Technology

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