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lfutten at readysoft.es lfutten at readysoft.es
Sat Nov 13 20:25:23 CET 1999

> I'd say if you want things to go easier, see if you can run windows
> 98 and add USB capability.  Then you can add whatever you want
> without all the configuration hassles.  I've got an older system
> half ISA half PCI and USB support with W98.  But I started with dos
> then windows 3.1 then w95 and finally I'm upgrading to w98 and its
> the biggest pain in the butt to accomplish! All the IRQ and memory
> conflicts etc. really take days of work to fix. With USB you have
> none of that hassle and all the new peripherals, including MIDI, are
> going that way.  You can add extra midi power with just another midi
> box and cable!  See MOTU's website!
> Barry

Thanks for your efforst. But fact is that the system is the 

Siemens-Nixdorf PCD-4ND portable computer.
Very old 486 DX 50MHz, 20Mb RAM, 540HD, Floppy
and nothing else. No sound, no anything but an intercahngeable
COM1 or COM2 (can't work at the same time) one LPT1, and 2 PS/2
one for keyboard, and another for mouse.

As it didnt come with any soft on it, I've installed only MSDOS 6.22
and Windows 3.11 for workgroups, that were the only things avaliable
I had available in floppies.

So, as you can imagine, it doesn't apply to talk about Win9x, nor USB 
nor anything.
I got no PCMCIA drivers for this machine, neither, tho' it has 2 

I still can't make it work with the MSDOS interlnk.exe, so  I can 
install Win9x from the non-portable computer, even tho' I've tryed so 

I want to put an external CD and soundcard, so at list I can make it 
work decently.

Do you have more ideas?
Please, notice that if I had enough money, I would bought a first 
hand Sony Vaio with all the bells and whistles, but this is not the 
case, so I'll not go for a MOTU.. I'm just thinking about a way to 
use a couple of old soundcards (a Gravis Max and a SounBlaster 16)
that I may try to make 'em work with this portable computer....

Thank you anyway :)

Luz Futten.


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