[synth-diy] Sorta OT: health risks

Toby Paddock tpaddock at seanet.com
Sat Nov 13 20:21:01 CET 1999

This reminds me of the *old days* when assemblers at work 
could smoke at their bench. They often had a open container 
of freon for cleaning off flux. One day someone figured out that 
if freon fumes went through the high temperatures in a cigarette, 
they would break down into something real nasty.

Smoking while assembling aerospace electronics, 
open freon containers... seems a little weird now.

 - -- -  Toby Paddock

Grant Richter wrote:
>I used to smoke cigarettes on the job. Wiping the
>lead from the solder onto the cigarette filters and 
>then sticking them in my mouth was not a good idea.

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