[synth-diy] Sorta OT: health risks

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>> Heck ya, you can get lead poisoning from solder.
>> It happened to me.
>I got a little nibble of this (felt extremely displaced and lethargic) from
>sticking my face too close to surface mount parts while I was soldering.
>Didnt know if it was from the lead or the flux, but needless to say after a
>day of production-type soldering, I would feel pretty looped.
>I have seen some production solder ppl use rubber gloves so they dont have
>to handle the solder at all, and I can see why. Its very easy to get called
>to a meeting, then rush out to lunch, forget to wash your hands, and eat a
>sandwich. Then, you sit at home that night wondering why you feel so tired.

Not to mention the fact that heavy metals can be absorbed directly
through the skin.  But does the fact that it's a lead/tin alloy 
temper that some?  Inquiring solderers want to know.  I've
been soldering alot of years and I don't I don't I don't I don't
seem to have any real priblooms...  (OW!)

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