opamp rescaling..

Tony Clark clark at andrews.edu
Sat Nov 13 18:35:15 CET 1999

> Ok, heres the deal.. Im trying to rescale a 741 based opamp lfo.
> I want it to run off of +5v and 0v. Now, according to most things I have =
> read, it seems that all i really need to do is to reference the unused =
> input of the opamp to about middle voltage ie in this case, 2.5 volts. =
> This should work. Or should it?

   Yes, this will work the way you would expect it to.  But just to point 
it out, most non rail-to-rail opamps will swing only to 1 volt of the 
rails (ie 1 to 4 volts) sometimes it is worse (up to 1.5 volts).


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