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Hey Gang!

Now is the time to get some new books for yourself 
before all your money disappears on Christmas gifts....

This time around I've got a number of heavy hitters 
that will sure to sell quickly....

(1)	A Bibliography of Electronic Music
	Compiled By Lowell M. Cross
	University of Toronto Press, 1970, Hardcover
	126 Pages, MINT!

	Do you want to know if your collection of early 
	books, journals, and articles on musique concrete,
	tape music composition, electronic music, & computer
	music is complete????  Look no further with this
	comprehensive and exhaustive text....

	PRICE = $35.00 + Shipping

(2)	The Synthesizer by Roland Corp - 2nd Edition, 1979

	This 4-volume book set comes housed in the standard
	cardboard holder (has a two seam tears but is still
	intact) and contains the following titles:
	* A Foundation For Electronic Music (V-Fine)
	* Multichannel Recording For Electronic Music (Mint)
	* Practical Synthesis For Electronic Music Part 1 (V-Fine)
	* Practical Synthesis For Electronic Music Part 2 (N-Mint)
	These books contain exhaustive patching examples using
	the Roland System 100m modules in the illustrations.
	Perfect companion text for the owner of ANY modular
	synthesizer (Aries, Buchla, Doepfer, E-mu, MOdCAN, 
	Moog, MOTM, Nord, Roland, Serge, etc.)

	PRICE = $58.00 + Shipping

(3)	Fractals In Music (Introductory Mathematics For
	Musical Analysis) by Charles Madden
	High Art Press, 1999, Hardcover, 210 Pages, MINT

	A nice book for those interested in the more
	experimental side of electronic music (Users of
	C-Sound, Kyma, and MAX/MSP take note!)  Features the 
	analysis of the techniques used by Xenakis, Stockhausen, 
	Varese, and others as it relates to this subject.  Please 
	email me if you would like a more detailed chapter 
	breakdown than the following:

	1. Introduction
	2. Self-Similarity
	3. Attractors
	4. Fib & Phi
	5. Resonance
	6. Randomicity
	7. Dimension
	8. Statistics
	9. Transforms
	PRICE = $30.00 + shipping

(4)	Analog Circuit Design (Art, Science, & Personalities)
	Edited by Jim Williams
	EDN Series For Design Engineers/Butterworth-Heinemann
	1994, Paperback, 390 Pages, Near-Mint Condition

	This important book/reference should be on the shelf of
	every analog circuit designer.  Written by the top dogs in
	the field (Williams, Pease, etc) this book has multiple
	chapters in each of the five different sections:

	A. Introduction (4 Chapters)
	B. What Is Analog Design (3 Chapters)
	C. The Making of an Analog Engineer (6 Chapters)
	D. Intuitions and Insights (10 Chapters)
	E. Techniques, Tips, & Applications (7 Chapters)

	PRICE = $17.00 + Shipping	

(5)	Foundations of Computer Music
	Edited by Curtis Roads and John Strawn
	MIT Press, 1985, Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket, 712 Pages
	N-Mint (DJ is well worn but intact)

	This historic & still relevant book features a vast 
	collection of key articles, most notably the groundbreaking 
	paper on FM Synthesis by Dr. John Chowning.  The sections 
	of the book are organized as follows:

	A. Digital Sound Synthesis Techniques (11 Chapters)
	B. Synthesizer Hardware and Engineering (10 Chapters)
	C. Software Systems for Music (12 Chapters)
	D. Perception & Digital Signal Processing (3 Chapters)
	PRICE = $38.00 + Shipping

(6)	Electronic & Experimental Music: History, Instruments,
	Techniques, Performers, Recordings
	by Thomas Holmes
	Scribners, 1985, Paperback, 278 Pages, MINT!

	I only discovered the existance of this book about 
	6 months ago and what a gem it has turned out to be!
	This book is very much like the Andy McKay's book
	but with A LOT more information and more B/W photos,
	many which I've never seen before in other texts.  The 
	title of the book really speaks for itself but here's
	a chapter listing:

	Part 1 - Electronic Music: What is it? How is it Made
	  1. A Definition
	  2. Principles of Electronic Music
	  3. Elementary Techniques for Making Electronic Music
	Part 2 - A History of Electronic Music Technology
	  4. The Early Years
	  5. The Studio Age
	  6. The Synthesizer Era (1965 to Present)

	Part 3 - Experimental Music
	  7. Origins of Avant-Garde
	  8. Enter Electronic Music
	Part 4 - Rock Music & Electronics
	  9.Rock Music Instruments & Other Hardware

	Part 5 - An Electronic Music Record Guide
	  10. Electronic Music Collections
	  11. Electronic Music by Individual Artists & Groups
	  12. Ancient Instruments & Rare Recordings

	Part 6 - Glossary of Technical & Music Terms

	Part 7 - Information Sources
	  13. Mail Order Record Retailers
	  14. Periodicals
	  15. Selected Bibliography
	  16. Equipment Suppliers

	PRICE = $32.00 + Shipping

(7)	The Technology Of Computer Music by Max Matthews
	M.I.T. Press, 1969, Hardcover, 188 Pages, MINT
	Classic book with a large section on Music V
	which was the predecessor to C-Sound

	PRICE = $21.00 + Shipping

(8)	A Guide To Electronic Music By Paul Griffiths
	Thames & Hudson, 1979, Softcover, 128 Pages, Mint

	This is more of an academic, historical text 
	with no pictures.  However, the appendix does 
	contain a nice discography of composers & 
	compositions.  The following is a chapter

	I. Introduction
	II. The Electronic Repertory
		Out Of The Known
		The Electronic Voice
		Out Of The Unknown
		The Instrument & Its Double
		Electronic Instruments
		Live Electronic Ensembles
		The Music Of The World
	III. Appendices

	PRICE = $12.00 + Shipping

(9)	Computer Music: Synthesis, Composition, & Performance
	By Charles Dodge & Thomas Jerse
	Schirmer Books, 1985, 1st Edition, Hardcover (no DJ)
	381 Pages, Excellent Condition

	This highly illustrated book contains a wealth of
	clear, informative, and useful technical knowledge
	on the following subjects:

	(1) Fundamentals Of Computer Music
	(2) The Acoustics & Psychoacoustics Of Music
	(3) Synthesis Fundamentals
	(4) Synthesis Using Distortion Techniques
	(5) Subtractive Synthesis
	(6) Speech Synthesis
	(7) Reverberation, Auditory Localization, and
	    Other Sound Processing Tehcniques
	(8) Composition With Computers
	(9) Real-Time Performance of Computer Music

	PRICE = $28.00 + Shipping

(10)	FM Theory & Applications: By Musicians for Musicians
	By Dr. John Chowning & David Bristow
	Yamaha Music Foundation, 1986, Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket
	195 Pages, MINT!

	This book contains everything you need to know in order
	to get your head around FM synthesis without getting a
	geeky electrical engineering degree.  Written by the very
	person that invented FM Synthesis technique and the lead
	Yamaha music product specialist.  Includes the very rare 
	errata/addendum sheet.  Highly recommended!!!!

	Price = $40.00 + shipping

(11)	(Pierre) Boulez: Composer, Conductor, Enigma
	By Joan Peyser
	Schirmer Books, 1976, Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket, 303 Pages
	Mint (Slightly Worn DJ)
	Excellent book on the life & works of a pioneering 
	avant-garde composer and the founder of the IRCAM 
	organization.  Contains a nice selection of B/W photos 
	and example score exerpts.
	Price = $18.00 + Shipping

(12)	Twentieth Century Music by H. H. Stuckenschmidt
	McGraw-Hill, 1972, Paperback, 256 Pages, N-Mint

	This book contains a superb coverage of the pioneering
	forces of avant-garde/musique concrete (Boulez, Cage,
	Stockhausen, etc) with an incredible selection of
	early B/W photos and illustrations/scores.

	1. Romanticism and Anti-Romanticism
        2. Emancipation
        3. Noise and Timbre
        4. Simultaneity
        5. New Means of Organization
        6. Revisions and Reversions
        7. The Music of Commitment
        8. Folk Music and Exotic Music
        9. Technical Sound Material
        10. Mathematics - For and Against
        11. Years of Experiment
        12. Consolidation

	PRICE = $11.00 + Shipping

As always, the above prices are in US funds and must be 
pre-paid with a US Postal money order.  As soon as I receive 
payment, your book(s) will be promptly shipped in a very safe 
and secure manner.

Finally, here's a list of books that I'm looking to OBTAIN 
for my personal collection.  I am open to trades or will
buy outright:

(1) 	Digital Audio Signal Processing: An Anthology
	by John Strawn (HARDCOVER Edition Only!!!!)

(2)	Computer Music: Synthesis, Composition, & Performance
	By Charles Dodge & Thomas Jerse
	2nd Edition ONLY!!!!

(3)	Howard Sams Photofact Audio Amplifier schematic
	books (1950's & 1960's era) -- preferably an 
	edition/volume that contains the MUZAK line/brand
	of mono tube PA amplifiers (I've already got Volume #4)

Good luck!


Jeff R. Dec

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