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Nicholas Thompson nickt at
Fri Nov 12 19:40:36 CET 1999

Hi everyone,

The DIY DSP synth will be a user supported DSP based music synthesizer.
Most likely it will be based on the Motorola 56002 evaluation module, since
this is a self contained development environment and it's relatively
inexpensive (between $160 and $200 including a PC based development
environment).  You need something that is 386 compatible and up to run
development tools, and there's a basic midi interface on the web somewhere
(I'll set up a web page with links to things in the next day or two).  Come
join the list, it will be fun!!

Hopefully the list will be a balance with people just getting started though
to serious math head DSP folks.

As usual this is an experimentation thing, we don't expect to be able, and
don't really want, to do a full blown commercial thing here.  The goal is to
get something cool up that people can experiment with and improve over time.

I set up a mailing list for this experiment, please see the onelist page for
the list.

Basically we'll start out by figuring out what we want to do and coming up
with a definition of the project.  If you think you can contribute then
please come and join the list.  And remember this is a community thing, so
whether this works will depend on whether we can all contribute something.



> Description
> This is a technical list for people who want to experiment with and
> implement a DSP based music synthesizer. The list will be used to define
> and create a description of a music synthesizer, and as a resource for
> implementors to discuss their work. Ideas about DSP modelling for music,
> MIDI interfacing, and DSP software implementation are all discussed here.
> It is expected that this list will require a basic understanding of
> electronics and an ability to understand or write, and to develop DSP
> software in assembly language.
> This is not a general synth list, since it's anticipated that there will be
> a lot of technical content.
> When you join, please send a short email to introduce yourself.
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