The Thomas Henry book

Paul R. Higgins higg0008 at
Fri Nov 12 16:32:21 CET 1999

There was also an older book written by Mr. Henry; I think the title was "Build 
a Better Music Synthesizer", and I'm pretty sure that it's out of print.  I 
believe the publisher was TAB Books.  


> Well, there was more than one.  I have two of them:
> "Electronic Music Circuits:  The Reprints" - a collection of 38 articles
> from the pages of Polyphony, Electronic Musician, and others.  This one is
> currently out of stock at Midwest Analog Products.  I'm not sure he plans
> to re-stock it.  If he does not, it is a spiral bound book that could
> easily be copied (with his permission, of course).
> "Making Music with the NE570 Compander" - a short 18 page booklet with
> circuits using this chip for VCAs, compressors, limiters, envelop
> followers, etc.  This one is still available at the Midwest Analog Product
> website.
> There is a third one I do not have called "The Electronic Drum Cookbook."

> > Does anybody recover the title of the Thomas Henry book on the Synth-DIY
> > matter ?

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