Ring modulators

Martin Hatfield ST95000430 at uwic.ac.uk
Fri Nov 12 19:47:36 CET 1999

I have a circuit diagram for a very simple ring modulatorfrom the 
recording magazine "The Mix". It's the main reason I subscribed to this 
list as I have every intention of building it once I have improved my 
soldering skilkls. It looks dead easy - 2 audio transformers, four 1N4148 
diodes and a capcitor for each jack socket. Definitely wqorth investing 
in as the results are very useful and unique. I'm sure you could make it 
even more interesting with some adpations to the circuit to allow for 
variable levels and modulation capabilities etc.

Let me know if you want the diagram - I'd be interested to hear what 
decision you make anyway and/or if you intend to design a circuit.

Martin Hatfield
M.C.Hatfield at uwic.ac.uk

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