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Fri Nov 12 12:36:49 CET 1999

Hi all !

I have been contacted by Nick Thompson this morning about a DIY DSP synth.

Please share your ideas and dreams on this "DIY DSP synth". I think the
best way, if some of you really want to get things started, is to put
some sort of project proposal. I would like to see specifications.
Then what tools we need, what has to be done will follow. Let's dream...

Note that I want to contribute but my time is limited. I can answer
specific questions via email or through this list if required.

Maybe a quick presentation of myself could help. My name is Brahim, I am
a French PhD student at the SECEE, University of Plymouth, Devon, England.
I am based at the Center for Intelligent Systems (CIS in my email). I have
a B.Eng EE and M.Eng IE. During my final year project for my B.Eng I worked
on " Investigations into Physical Modeling of Musical Instruments Using
Digital Signal Processing Techniques". This project done in 1996 was
basically to design and build a little MIDI interface and code some models
of pluck string (Karplus Strong algorithm) and flute instrument. It sounded
good enough for the visitors at the OpenDay when I demonstrated it.

My interests iunlcude Visual C++ and Motorola DSP56x0x Development (assembler).
I also tried some SHARC but prefer to stick with the Motorola. Sound Synthesis
Engines (Additive Synthesis, WaveTables, FM Synthesis, Physical Modeling,
Control Engines (MIDI, RS232), Audio Sound Processing, Artificial Intelligence
techniques including Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic and Expert
Systems. Wind controller (I own a WX11). See



Brahim HAMADI CHAREF - PhD student (Computer Music)

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