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Y-ellow Y'all.
	I just happened to be reading in a Maxim Analog switch design guide about
some serially controlled "Clickless Audio/Video crosspoint switches.
There's actually quite a number of them in quite a number of
configurations. They look pretty good. This is what they said about one

	The new MAX4571-MAX4574 are serially interfaced programmable switch arrays
that minimize controller I/o port assignments while maximizing the number
of switches per package/pin. They feature a soft switching
mode-individually slectable for each switch- that allows "Clickless" or
standard audio and video operation. These devices are suited for routing
multiple signals in audio, video or industrial equipment. they're available
in space-saving 28 pin QSOP and SSOP packages as well as a wide SO, and are
tested to the -40C to +85C operating temperature range.

Part numbers to check out
MAX4571 4572, 4573 and 4574
as well as
MAX4550 MAX4570 

For the latter 2 it says...

	The new Max blah blah blah serially interfaced programable dual 4X2
crosspoint switches are ideal for multimedia audio/video applications.
These devices have two identical section each onsisting of a 4-input/2
output crosspoint switch. Each switch can be selectively programmed for
hard-more operation or for soft-mode when "Clickless" ausio operation is
desired. The outputs can be switched to a set of resistor voltage-dividers,
to be bisased at 1/2 Vcc for AC coupling the inputs. Four auxiliary outputs
are provided to extend uP ports, allowing additional circuitry to be
controlled from the same 2- or 3 wire interface. SX and SY are additional
crosspoint inputs that can be used as a shunt to improve feedtrhough. .....

They look pretty damn interesting and I'd be interested to hear from anyone
who is or has used them.  X talk figures look pretty impressive and they
show them here being used with one half doing video and the other doing
audio in the same package. These things might be just the ticket and I hope
I've earned some brownie points for tiping all that in by hand. :)

Hope this helps.

Be absolutely ICebox.

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