[Re: japanese components]

Quinton Fulsom qfulsom at usa.net
Thu Nov 11 15:12:54 CET 1999

The 2sc1815 is also made by phillips as a 2pc1815 and I believe the
have the mating 1015 as well.
The data sheets are available on their site.

Martin Czech <martin.czech at intermetall.de> wrote:

:::The 2SC1815 datasheet can be found at the toshiba site.
:::None so far for the other ones you mention. :-(
:::And the 2SA798 is not available at my favourite jap-stuff supplier. 
:::I had posted a few more links some months ago. 

I know this. I have looked into all the concerning mails,
and of course at the Toshiba site. I couldn't find it there.
Maybe I made some mistake. I'll try again.


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