VCO using ICL8038

Martin Czech martin.czech at
Thu Nov 11 13:21:33 CET 1999

:::Hi all,
:::Has anyone tried making a VCO using the Harris chip ICL8038 (see
:::This is a precision waveform generator, allow PWM of sine, triangle
:::(allows adjustment of slope for previous discussions), and square.
:::Obviously it'll need other circuitry to change it to be 1V/Oct CV but it
:::is temperature stable (altiough it does run hot), ie no need to
:::dismantle any cruise missiles to get the temcos !!! Or find matched
:::pairs etc etc.
:::Appreciate any responses, and I've ordered one for testing for my
:::modular design.

These 9038 or 2206 questions come every now and then.
I remember that in the past the answer was:

no advantage for audio (maybe for HF). A linear vco can be build without
special chips, if you want expo you have the same problems as any other
design.  The only advantage may be the wave shaper , but I don't like
the 8083 or MAX083 in the respect, the XR2206 sounds much more sine like,
but has no parallel triangle output (could be taken from cap however).


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