Wanted: DSP Guru

Paul Perry pfperry at melbpc.org.au
Thu Nov 11 13:17:59 CET 1999

At 09:39 AM 11/11/99 +0000, Paul Maddox wrote:
>Dear all,
>  I would like to know if there is a someone on the list
>who is good with DSP's, 

I'm not, but I can tell where your problem will be, and that is
with the a/d d/a convertors.
If you dont have 16 of each, you will have to multiplex,
and this will be hell, even if you can find codecs that are 
sufficiently low noise and will run at 16x44KHz sample rate.

Getting multiople lines of audio in & out of the DSP, that is the
problem. If it was easy I'd have an all DSP true modualr by now.

paul perry Melbourne Australia

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