switching at zero cross/noiseless switching

Buck Buchanan voltagecontrolled at home.com
Thu Nov 11 09:04:44 CET 1999

Hey Crow

> > So far I've tried running the audio through a 4052 (2x 4ch mux) running
> > +/-12VDC supplies.  I tried this part first since it will switch
>   Ack.  That is too much voltage for a 4xxx chip.  Better to use +/-5,
> +/-8 at most.  I've seen 4066s spontaneously combust at +/-12.

Ah, thank you for the boot to the head!  I think I got so excited by
this part's bi-polar supply capability my brain started seeing what it
wanted to (could of sworn the data sheet said +/- 18V_max rails... {it
didn't}).  Interesting that this part *appeared* to be running fine at
+/-12V - got full signal swing to the rails and everything.  But I'm
sure the new part is much happier now at +/- 7.3VDC (though it doesn't
perform any better).
Thanks for the suggestions!


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