switching at zero cross/noiseless switching

Martin Czech martin.czech at intermetall.de
Thu Nov 11 08:48:48 CET 1999

:::I'm trying to come up with a 4 channel "hard panning" circuit (actually
:::a 1-to-4 switch) that will switch at speeds up to several KHz or
:::higher.  In a 4 channel system, I want to make sounds instantly jump to
:::other channels with no click or pop.  

Maybe you should take a look into the frequency domain.  You want to
modulate a signal with some kHz square modulator.  This will of course
add sidebands and weaken your carrier.

If you switch between channels with that speed, you will most probably
not recognize the original signals any more...

Anyway, could be an interesting effect.

You try to avoid the larger pops by synchronous switching, yes , well, but
the four signals are mutuall random , this will create gaps, and random
phase of the modulator, so the modulator is allready phase modulated,
-> more sidebands.

I think the only way for signal switching without artefacts is -- not to switch,
but to crossfade. All decent hard disk recorders do this, if you cut a 
piece of audio, they really do a fade. If you switch this feature off,
you'll have loads of artefacts.


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