[Re: 68HC11 and myths!]

Quinton Fulsom qfulsom at usa.net
Thu Nov 11 05:11:36 CET 1999

the 68hc11a1fn is nearly impossible to find in dip pkg.
I actually have many tubes from a project (about 500 pieces)
of the plcc package that are pulls.
all tested good if anyone needs some for cheap they are great
controllers.  Email me if your interested.

Paul Perry <pfperry at melbpc.org.au> wrote:
At 03:25 PM 10/11/99 PST, Bjarne Nillson wrote:
>I have been checking all over the places at MOT to find out
>if the HC11 series are end of life as some of you dudes
>says it is, and i can not find anything that points that
>you are right in this proposal about the HC11.......
What *IS* no longer made, are the DIP versions of some of the 68HC11
series. I had a lot of trouble getting some for the latest batch
of my midi-cv quad convertor..

paul perry (Frostwave P/L) Melbourne Australia

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