Percussion ribbon controller

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 The problem is what you put on TOP of it to act
 as a slider for your linear potentiometer.
 Aluminized mylar was recommended by Electronotes
 by doesn't hold up well (thin and fragile).
 Solder braid will work but rips the hell out of your finger.
 The Moog units used custom woven metal tape
 that was OK on the finger but kept breaking also.
 I still haven't found a good solution.
How about an electric guitar string. Would that work?
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 > Subject: Percussion ribbon controller
 > Date: Wednesday, November 10, 1999 12:40 PM
 > Hello, everyone,
 > Has anybody out there ever seen plans for a ribbon 
 > controller that you operate like a drum, so that you get 
 > different notes depending on where you hit it? I am 
 > thinking of something about two feet long that covers maybe 
 > two octaves of range. Absolute pitch is not an issue. Some 
 > type of robust resistive element perhaps?
 > TIA >>

What about the Kurzweil Expressionmate?  It can also be "split" into 3 
sections that probably could be used to control different sounds and pitches.

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