68HC11 and myths!

Byron G. Jacquot thescum at surfree.com
Thu Nov 11 04:07:46 CET 1999

>I have been checking all over the places at MOT to find out
>if the HC11 series are end of life as some of you dudes
>says it is, and i can not find anything that points that
>you are right in this proposal about the HC11.......
>If im wrong into this pleas argument against so we
>all know if we can design around the HC11 or not!

I went and poked around their site but couldn't turn anything concrete up.
I did notice that the 68HC11A8 is no longer listed on the HC11 page.  It may
be that the A8 part is the only one discontinued.

If you're really worried about the future, look into the HC12 family.

Byron Jacquot

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