OT: Carvin mixer arrives

J. Larry Hendry jlarryh at iquest.net
Thu Nov 11 04:11:20 CET 1999

My "free" Carvin 24 channel 8 bus mixer arrived today. 
Needless to say it is a project.  It sat in some water on
its back so that all the I/O jacks were wet at one time. 
There is some rust and water stain.  Looks like that will
be a project in itself.  Some one was 1/2 through
disconnecting and removing one of the boards.  So, I
am wondering "why?"  Perhaps it had trouble and then
some unqualified person tried to work on it.

All the channel boards and such look quite clean and 
nice.  And it has a large number of socketed op amps
and some very nice long throw slider pots and such.  
So, if it turns out to be not worth fixing, it will
be a source of LOTS of nice parts.

See my ad on E-bay "hard to find, vintage Carvin
replacement knobs  $2 each"  HA HA...

And no power supply.  Until I get some service info
(assuming I ever do) I don't even have a clue what
the power supply voltages are supposed to be. 
It uses 3 pin XLR connectors.  Maybe it is something
sweet like +/- 15 VDC. 
Nah..  That would make too much sense.

Larry Hendry

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