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OK, I admit it, my first real synth was a DX7.  But it hasn't been out of
the box in 6 years...  The DX7 is a six operator sine only architecture with
32 algorithms (arrangments of the operators).  The DX11 (and the TX81Z, I
believe) is 4 operator with several wave shapes (all derived from the same
sinewave lookup table), but fewer algorithms.  DX7 with E! allows splits and
layers via MIDI (DX7 is 16 voice monotimbral and this is unchanged) among
other nice things.  The DX7 DOES have a breath controller input.

Now back to your favorite analog channel.


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>  It uses FM synthesis whereby the
> > frequency of one sine wave is modulated by another to form an operator.
> > A voice is constructed by linking several operators together in
> > ways. The different DX's all had a different number of operators. I
> > the DX7 had maybe 8? and the DX11 possibly 6?
> DX-7--6 operators; DX-11 4 operators

   It should also be noted that the DX-7, I believe, only had sine wave
operators, the DX-11 has a multitude of different waves available.


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