Micromoog Oscillator "fault"

Caloroso, Michael E CalorosoME at corning.com
Wed Nov 10 21:41:41 CET 1999

Well, last night out of curiosity I hooked the Micro up to the oscilloscope.

Very interesting trait (or "fault" if you prefer) about the oscillator; the ramp shape starts losing its form starting at 8'.  The rising slope changes from a straight line to a curve as the frequency gets lower, the "elbow" of the curve rises toward the top.  When you get into the 32' range, the ramp looks more like a distorted 90% pulse waveform.  This trait is not dependent on the octave setting, it's a function of frequency.

This is *far* removed from a Minimoog ramp in the bass range.

Anything above 8' and the Micromoog ramp is a laboratory pristine example of a ramp waveform.

That may explain why Micromoogs and Multimoogs are better for leads than they are for bass, and why they cannot duplicate the Minimoog Bass.

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