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Quinton Fulsom qfulsom at usa.net
Wed Nov 10 20:57:18 CET 1999

The 1583 was never licensed to anyone from matsushita so I don't suspect
you'll find it there.  The ba662 is a custom chip that is now produced
in slighly different pinout as the ba6110 from rohm.

The 1815 is still common, the 798 is very hard to find.
I tried scanning all of these at one point but even the 1583 stuff
is very huge, almost 10mb.  Maybe if I can get it put on a ftp I can
put them up, and, unless you can read japanese you can only determine
the specs and curvatures.

I have aquired a lot of transistors if anyone is in need.
Nearly any used in korg, s.c., and roland such as 945,733,798,880,
1815,1015,2291,1583,667,933,sk30,1384, etc. 
Most are very expensive, some harder to find than
others.  Data sheets could be mailed with each if you need them too.

Rene Schmitz <uzs159 at uni-bonn.de> wrote:
At 16:07 10.11.99 +0100, you wrote:
>There were threads about the following magical components:
>People asked for data sheets, no answer.
>I've tried about 10 sites to find a data sheet, nothing.
>Has the situation improved in the meantime?

The 2SC1815 datasheet can be found at the toshiba site.
None so far for the other ones you mention. :-(
And the 2SA798 is not available at my favourite jap-stuff supplier. 


I had posted a few more links some months ago. 


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