Mark Cornell cornellm.student at
Wed Nov 10 13:54:56 CET 1999


I'd like some advice...

I really want to build my first Modular synth,
and I thought that the natural place to start,
(apart from the midi-cv converter) would be the
VCO. What do you suggest I build?

As I'm sure you know, I'm really keen on getting
that authentic Rick Wakeman sound and I'd like
a VCO that can help me acheive this. I want about
3 for now. Is that too ambitious for a beginner?

The other thing that would be really helpful is
PCB's. I can design my own, but I really don't
have time, so any schematics that have PCB's
availiable, or at least PCB masks, that can be
printed off and used with a photo resist etching
kit would be good. Also, explanations of the
circuits in thick peoples terms would be great,
and what all the various pots and connections
are for, in thick persons terms.

Thanks, I know it's asking loads,
Mark Cornell
Ringwood School

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