slighlty OT: some synths... (Corrections)

Martin Hatfield ST95000430 at
Wed Nov 10 17:04:16 CET 1999

Just found the following at

It appears my overview had a few startling ommissions. 

>John Volanski (jvolans1 at ) writes:
      After 10 years, the DX11 has held up to time better than the DX7, IMHO. It has
         alot of features that the DX7 doesn't have, including 8-voice Multi-timbal sounds;
         Breath Controller interface; chord structuring of up to 4 simultaneous notes per
         key; 13 microtonal scale tuning; 8 voices can be played in unison; complex
         keyboard splitting per each voice; alternate mode where each successive
         incoming MIDI note will alternate through the 8 instruments. The unit is easy to
         operate and set-up, but the patches are a bear to program yourself. 

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