Identifying tempcos

Harry Bissell harrybissell at
Wed Nov 10 06:28:47 CET 1999

There are NO TEMPCOs in ANYTHING !!! If there were, we'd have removed
them all by now.
said Harry (who is half serious about this)
Nothing but a synth or a Log converter is likely to have a real
tempco... unless you guys have access to old guided missle parts in
which case we'll have to kill you (to get your tempcos of course....)

Doug Tymofichuk wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> With all this talk about tempcos, I am wondering if I might
> encounter some when salvaging equipment. As I have never
> actually seen one, I wonder if there is any way to
> physically identify them. Do they have any unique markings
> or anything to show what they are? Or do they just look
> like any other resistor?
> Thanks in advance for any information!
> ----------------------
> Doug Tymofichuk
> dougt at

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