Slightly OT: Tone Generators

Harry Bissell harrybissell at
Wed Nov 10 06:24:45 CET 1999

I'd make two astable oscillators using the CD4093... One (LFO) that gates the
2nd (Audio) oscillator. Use the remaining 2 chips in parallel to drive a piezo
One Chip, two resistors, two caps.... (and probably a resistor/cap/zener for
supply protection.... any other solution will probobly need that also)
If it isn't loud enough... I'd use the 40106 hex schmitt trigger to do the
same thing... with a diode added to the component count and drive the piezo
differentially (a baby 'H' bridge).
Write me if you need more info....
:^) Harry

Keith Bailey wrote:

> I am currently studying for my GCSE electronics and was wondering if any
> ofyou cold think of a chip which  could produce a pulsing tone (like when
> lorries reverse) without to much external circitry as it needs to be quite
> small.
> Thanks
> Keith

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