Caloroso, Michael E CalorosoME at
Wed Nov 10 00:50:31 CET 1999

> > > > some circuits demand a stable reference voltage.  There are a lot of
> > > > chips arround (mostly bandgap).  Can somebody please recommend a stable
> > > > reference, not too expensive, and available ?
> > > 
> > Zener diodes.
>    If anyone happens to know of a good source of better than 1% zeners, I'd 
> love to know about them.  Most of them tend to be in the 5% range and 
> I've found only one place carrying 1% zeners.
>    As it is, I have to test mine before use and I hate that!  ;)
Well, he asked for a stable reference, he didn't specify a precision reference  :)

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