volt control of osc triange tilt?

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Tue Nov 9 21:19:09 CET 1999

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<<This has me thinking...
Would it make any difference if it could tilt all the way ?

You would get the same harmonic content with the same deviation from the
triangle starting point, tilting either forward or backward - one wave is
just the other in reverse.>>

Actually - yes, it would sound the same, that is, if you are using the 
oscillator as an audio oscillator.  But if you are using it as an LFO 
waveform (as I suspect Paul Perry wants to do), then the tilt direction 
becomes quite significant.

<< Would applying a rectified modulation waveform to a vco with 
only unipolar modulation of tilt sound the same as applying the same 
modulation waveform, unrectified, to a bipolar tilt input ?

Would this also apply to PWM ? >>

I'm afraid I don't understand this.  Maybe I need another cup of coffee to 
kick-start my brain.  Could you explain further?

Michael Bacich

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