[AH] zawinul

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at nbgm.siemens.de
Tue Nov 9 16:22:35 CET 1999

	>I had a glance while taping it. Beautiful sounds. At one time I saw
	>playing a P5 in a quasi velocity sensitive way, using a slow
attack, and
	>varying the note length. Nice.

Yes - that's what retrigger key assignment mode is for !

> Although I have to say that _some_ of the free jazz tunes were a bit
> hard to take (for my taste, that is). 
Same for me. I knew some of the WR records, loved some of the tunes
(A Remark You Made !), but couln't quite get into the heavy stuff.
Seeing him play does change this situation a bit ...

BTW, don't let him hear about "free jazz tunes". I remember another
interview where he made no secret of his attitude towards "this bunch
of so called free jazz players who cannot really play" (not a literal quote,

but close): Yes, that should be free jazz, you shouldn't have to pay money
for that ... 


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