slighlty OT: some synths...

Mark Cornell cornellm.student at
Tue Nov 9 11:09:22 CET 1999

Hi everyone,

At my college, we have 2 old synths worth

The first is a beat up DX11 which I've never heard
of before. I'ts actually completely broken and
doesn't work. I reckon it can be fixed, and they
vere use it, but they won't let me have it. Not even
for money.

The second, perhaps of more intrest, Is a Roland
SH-101. It's pretty old and features 1 envelop
generator, 1 VCA, 1 VCO, and 1 LFO. It has Gate and
CV inputs and outputs.

As far as I know it works, but I have yet to
convince them that they have no use for it. They
never use it, but they probably want to keep it
because it is a memorial for one of the old dead
music teachers. It's understandable I guess.

Anyway, thought some of you might be interested.
Amyone know about them? Are they any good?

Mark Cornell
Ringwood School

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