Hi (german books)

Martin Czech martin.czech at intermetall.de
Tue Nov 9 10:32:18 CET 1999

:::Christian Baumann wrote:
:::> Are there some books about it which explain the parts of synthi like the
:::> VCO if possible in german ??

Bernd Enders has published a very good book about analog synthesis,
taking the Boehm system as example. Unfortunately this system
could not survive on the market, I think that only a few were build.
>From a technical point of view it was very good (all CEM),
it even had a 8bit sampling option. And it had a reasonable price.

Enders has the chair for e.m. ot the Osnabrueck UNI.

Anyway, it is a good text to start with.

Anyone lkistening who could get hold of such a Boehm modular?


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