Ingo Debus debus at cityweb.de
Tue Nov 9 09:56:42 CET 1999

Christian Baumann wrote:
> Are there some books about it which explain the parts of synthi like the
> VCO if possible in german ??

There was a series in the German "Keyboards" magazine, "Analog synthesis
for beginners" or something like that. I could dig it out if you want.

Then there's an old book "Synthesizer Aufbau, Funktion, Anwendung" by
Wolfgang Bock. "Newer" things like FM are not covered. The author writes
some funny things about acoustic instruments, must be a strict keyboard
player ;-)

The basic principles of an analog synth are also explained in the
Elektor Formant articles (funny, I'm always writing about Elektor
articles from the 70s here).


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